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SIV Media aims to support entrepreneurs who want to have visible results for their business & discover new and creative ways to do so, using all online marketing tools (from visual identity, website creation and promotional campaigns), to give a voice to their brand and communicate effectively messages to the target audience.
Because we like to be in constant contact with our customers, learning about their business or helping them overcome certain challenges, we offer 24/7 support throughout the contract period.
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Solace Wallet SDK
Building and deploying Smart Contract Wallets focusing on Ephemeral (session) keys.

Enabling controlled access to user's wallets for dApps & Games
/ 2023 - Q3
/ 2
Solace Key Net
Delegating Access Control features to a decentralized network using Threshold Signature Scheme

/ 2024- Q1
/ 3
Solace Key Net on Cosmos
Cosmos based decentralised Key Network enables features including institutional custody, asset management by way of Solace Policies and SACE is used in all aspects of the network
/ 2024 - Q3
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